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1) aside from the counter weights and dowel pins, what is the difference between crankshaft with part no. 1105 and crankshaft with part no. 311105101F. 2) Cam gear with part no. 113105209 is label stock. Do you have cam gear that differ from stock cam gear? 3) aluminum camshaft gear with stock no. 109300, is this similar to stock? Please enlighten me regarding this matter.thank very much in advance.

Hi Joven,

1) The 1105 is a forged performance crankshaft and designed to take more stress, reduce crankshaft flex and hold up under hash conditions.  The 311 105 101F crank is a cast nodular iron crank designed for a stock motor.

2) The 113 105 209 crank drive gear is made just as a stock helix (angled) tooth gear.  This will work with a stock camshaft gear, or an aftermarket cam gear, such as our 109300 or our Engle 6006USA standard bolt on gear, or the Engle 6607 adjustable cam gear.  There are no high performance lower helix gears.  The next option would be to go to a set of straight cut Engle gears, #6608.  You go to this type of gear set to eliminate thrust load on the cam bearings when you have higher valve spring rates.

3) Yes the 109300 and the above menchened others are bolt on gears that are needed when going to a high performance camshaft.  The stock gear is riveted on to the camshaft

I hope I have helped,  Andy

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