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I have a 66 Karmann Ghia I got those wheel studs that you screw in with an allen wrench but they’re made in Taiwan and kind of flimsy. I’ve actually over-tightened a few and broke them off. Do you have a drum with studs already pressed in them for a 66 Karmann Ghia?

Hi Mickey,

On a 1966, this would be the last year for the 5 x 205 wide lug pattern. This would make your car a 12 mm lug hole.

Did you damage the end of the stud where the allen goes into or did you break off the wheel stud itself?

No,  So Cal Imports doesn’t sell drums that already have press in studs installed.

To accomplish this, you will need to drill the threaded hole out, back step the inside of the hole for the head of the new stud to set flush and then ream the hole to the correct thousands to have a correct fit.  The hole need to be .008 to .012 thousands smaller than the stud knurl.  This is usually only done for off road or race cars in the VW world.  I will say, installed correctly, the screw in studs will work very well and So Cal Imports does sell these:

Wheel Stud, M12-1.5 to M12-1.5, Screw-in Style, For Wide-5 Style Wheels

Hope this info helps.


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