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I have a 72 standard beetle with stock drums on the front and am looking to convert to disc. I am looking at two kits, 498496 and 498650. The spindles are good are good so why should I purchase the kit that includes new spindles?

Hi Stuart,

Great question!  The answer is, there really isn’t any benefit other than if you want to run the stock disc backing plates.  These plates are not all that necessary and will not bolt on with a stock drum spindle.  On the flip side, by using the stock drum spindles, you don’t have to align the car when you are done and you don’t take a chance on damaging the ball joint and tie rod boots, this happens sometimes when removing the  old spindles.   When I developed this “No Hassel” kit, it was done with the premise of helping the guy at home with an easy way to convert to disc with out a bunch of special tools.

Lastly, You have the wrong kit number for a No Hassel kit for a standard Bug.  The kit number is 498492.  The part number in your question, 498496 is for a Super Beetle!  Please don’t forget the bearing kit, part #498490L

Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to help, Andy

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