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I bought a disk brake conversion kit from you with rotors pre-drilled for chevy/ford pattern. You offer Wheel Stud, M14-1.5 to 1/2in.-20, which are for the ford pattern. I can’t find wheel studs for the chevy pattern M14-1.5 to 7/16in. – 20. Am I missing them on the website? If you don’t offer the chevy pattern studs, why offer chevy pattern rotors if you don’t sell the screw in studs to go with them?

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your question.  You are correct in the fact that on an original Ford 5 x 4.5″, the wheel stud is 1/2″ x 20 and on a Chevy 5 x 4.75 it is 7/16″ x 20.  As for offering a 14 mm x 7/16″ screw in stud, no we do not offer that, nor have I ever seen one made.

That being said, are you installing stock steel Chevy wheel?  Chances are no. I  have never run into an aftermarket wheel with a Chevy 5 x 4.75 wheel pattern that will not accept a 1/2″ stud.  Your perception might be that you have to run a 7/16″ wheel stud, unfortunately, that most likely, is not the reality of what your wheel will accept.  I would recommend installing the 14 mm x  1/2″ studs and trail fitting your wheel.  Contact your wheel supplier or your local wheel shop to buy the correct lug nuts for your wheel.  If you cannot find one there in Virginia,  please get back to me with the specs of what you need and I will help you.

Thanks  Andy

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