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Hello I was wondering if you had a list of the bolt sizes that I would need for rebuilding a beetle. I see your hardware section but doesn’t show what those bolts are used on the beetle. Thanks in advance.

Hi Jose,

Thanks for your question.  As with any car, it is assembled with  many different sizes of bolts and hardware.  The biggest share of bolts will be 8 mm and 10 mm in all different lengths.  It is not only the size of the bolt, but also the hardness rating and the tread pitch.  In the time and space that I have here on the  Ask Andy forum, I can’t give you the size bolt for every item.  If you would reply with a specific item that you are trying to confirm bolt size, such as bolting a front end on or attaching the floor pan to the body, shoot me back a question like that and I will be happy to give you exact bolt sizes.

Thanks  Andy

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