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I am wondering what these vinyl type plugs are. No one seems to know. I found them when I was cleaning out my 69 Beetle. P/N 111.863.397 I would send you a photo but your site doesn’t allow it.

Hi Tom,

Well this one sent me to my older dealer parts books and had me stumped!  I had to phone a friend to get the whole story!  In 1964 VW bugs added the crank sunroof.  Late in the 1965 body the factory seamed to make a change in the roof inter-structure and sunroof drains.  With the sun roof,  there are drain cavities to carry the water away and out of the body of the car.  On the rear drain cavities there are plastic tubes that run down the body and have a hole under the body right behind the door edge/rear quarter panel line.  If the car has a sun roof, there is a plastic tube end sticking out of the hole.  If the car was a non sunroof model from 1965 to 1977 then it had the 111 863 397 plug in that unused drain hole!

Thanks for the question!


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