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I have a 1974 Super Beetle Convertible with the stock 1.6 L engine. Has 54K original miles and it seems it has never been rebuilt, I bought it from the original owner a couple years ago. Has a bunch of oil leaks and burns some oil but runs really good so I’m thinking of doing a complete rebuild this summer. I am looking to take it completely apart and maybe increase the HP and torque by installing a stroker kit to the original block. My question to you, do you sell a complete rebuild stroker kit where I can keep the original block without doing any machine work to it. In other words, a stroker crank, rods and pistons that will work with the original block. I’m looking to increase the performance, it seems it puts out the rated 40+ HP. And what would this kit increase in performance for HP and torque. Any help would be appreciated. I have rebuilt engines before but never a flat-4 on a bug.Thanks

Hi Enrique,

There is a lot to go over with your question.  Building a bigger CC motor with out doing case and head machine work is possible, but you are not going to gain much.  Just for basic info, your 1600 motor would have a 69 mm crank and 85.5 mm pistons You would be limited to a 74 mm crank and 87 mm  and this would only get you  1760 cc.

I would recommend machining the case and heads so that you could build a 78 x 90.5 motor.  This would give you a 2007 cc motor.  The price difference for the cranks and piston set will be very small, if any at all.  Doing the machine work will be about $200.00.  This motor combination is very reliable and built with quality parts, it should last for many miles!

From there, it is going to depend on what you want to do with the cam, heads and carburetor(s).  If you need more info about this, please reply and give me some idea what kind of HP you are trying achieve.

Thanks  Andy

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