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Do you re-drill your rotors for different lug patterns inhouse or do you send them out?

Hi David,

None of the AC Industries  drums or rotors that we sell are “re-drills”  This would mean that you take a drum or rotor that already has a lug pattern drilled in it and try to put a different pattern on that.  The problem with companies that do that is they are using a drum or rotor that is cast on a original style blank.  Drums and rotors such as this are made thin in the areas that wont have stud holes and thick only where the stock pattern would be.  These drums and rotors are made this way to save weight and money.  It is not safe to drill holes in these thin areas of the face.

The rotor and drums that AC Industries produces are their own castings and have a uniform thick face so that no matter where the lug hole is drilled there is enough thickness to hold the stud!

We do offer blank AC Industries drums and rotors and do custom drilled lug patterns in house on our mill and rotary table.  This assures a perfect pattern that is centered correctly!

Thanks  Andy

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