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Hi Andy, I have a ’69 sedan and would like to install a passenger side mirror. Could you please advise how to install Part #: 151857502?Thank you. Richard

Hi Richard,  None of the VW sedans came with passenger side mirrors.  You can add a passenger side mirror, it will just take a little work.  You will need a sedan right side mirror.  Our part numbers are 113 857 514D or  113 857 514DH(difference is in the quality).  The 151 857 502 is a convertible mirror and will not work on a sedan.  You will also need a special nut to go inside the door, part number 133-000.

Now for the installation.  Please understand that you will need to drill a hole in the passenger door to match the hole in the drivers door.  You will also need to remove the passenger side door panel and some internal door components to be able to place the nut on the inside of the door.  I say this up front so you understand what the job is going to require.

Remove your drivers mirror.  Take a paper tape it to the drivers door.  Give yourself a couple of inches in all direction around the mirror hole, more is better. Now trace the leading edge of the door and the hole for the mirror.  Remove this from the drivers door and move it to the passenger side.  Use the leading edge of the door as your guide line and re-tape the paper to the door.  This will give you the exact placement to drill a matching hole.  Use a center punch to make a dimple to guard from the drill slipping.  Carefully drill a small pilot hole to start, follow this up with finish hole size.  Reach your hand up inside the door and hold the special nut in place.  In stall the mirror into the hole and thread the tip into the nut and tighten.  Reinstall the door pasts and panel and your done!!

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this,  Andy

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