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I’m considering the autostick conversion kit. Regarding labor, how many hours do you estimate it would take for the conversion, including the clutch cable tube installation? Thanks!

Hi Erci,

Thanks for your interest in our kit.  I know of no one else in the industry that offers a complete kit like ours.  The question, which seems simple is impossible to answer.  The reason being, I have no idea of the skill sets of the installer, the VW based knowledge and the tools that the installer has to work with.  Lastly, we are not a company with a repair facility.  So we do not do any installs here.  Knowing this car so well, at this late point in history, there are also many unknowns about your car, such as previous accidents and rust conditions that might exist to slow down the work.

My suggestions, if you are unable to do the work yourself, contact a local shop and get them to quote you a price to do the work.

Thanks  Andy

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