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Have a manx dune buggy which i wanted to put part# 953424 turn signal on. Your website says its not a direct fit and the ones on my manx are hard wired. Do i need to buy anything extra to make the new turn signals work.

Hi Cody,  Thanks for your question.  Unfortunately with the limited info that you have supplied I have no way of answering.  I would love to help, but I would need to know things like what your steering column is in the car and if it is even a VW column.  How the wiring is done and where the dimmer for the headlights is located.  Is the turn lights a 2 way or a 3 way wiring style?                                                                   What is the current turn switch now?  Is it a VW based switch?

I hope you now see that more info is needed.  Sorry that I can’t do more at this time.

Thanks  Andy

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