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What is your opinion regarding the use of an external oil cooler in conjunction with a full flow oil system. I have a 62 Single Cab with a single port 1835CC engine that has a full flow oil filter system. The engine seems to be running hotter than it should. I’ve looked at all the normal culprits so am now thinking of possibly installing an oil cooler.Thanks

Hi Ron,  I would recommend it as long as you still run the stock oil cooler in the fan shroud and that you run a thermo actuated fan on the remote cooler.

I would also suggest to look at your timing.  To much advance will cause an air cooled car to run hot.  Limit your total advance to no more that 30-32 degrees.  The other thing is, make sure that you do not have nay vacuum leaks and that you are not to lean on the jest in the carb(s), this will also make your motor run hotter!

Hope this helps,  Andy

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