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I will be replacing the 66 swing axle in my vert, I understand that there are shims between the inner axle ends and the sl ot they fit into in the transaxle how do I make sure I will be using the correct thickness shims, I plan on using a freeway flier transaxle

Hi Marc,

Great question.  The side spur gear is held in place with a thrust washer and C clip.  The thrust washer was available years ago in different thicknesses, but these are almost impossible to find now days.  Test fit your side gear, thrust washer and clip.  You should have .003 to .006 end play.  If you are to tight, you carefully take the spur gear and sand the side that will rest against the thrust washer.  To do this a disc sanded or a belt sander works best.  Make sure that you take metal off equally.            If you are to loose, I am told that a flywheel shim from a 36HP will fit in between the spur gear and the the thrust washer.

Hope this helps,  Andy

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