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Admin Access Staff asked 8 months ago

Is there a difference in length for the retaining pin included in the brake hardware kits? I bought a kit but the pin seems to be too long as the lug nuts hit them as the tire spins.

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Michael Glass Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Mike,

I can see in the form that you submitted with your question that you haven’t bought the brake hardware kit from us. Our kits do come with different length pins.

If your lug bolt or stud is hitting the springs inside, the problem could be that the bolt or stud is too long. This is a common problem with aftermarket wheel hardware. Take your wheel and drum off the car.  Install the lug hardware connecting the wheel to the removed drum and check to see how far the bolt/stud protrudes into the inside of the drum. Clearance by cutting or grinding the lug bolt/stud so that it no longer comes through the inside of the drum.

Hope this helps,