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Admin Access Staff asked 3 months ago

Hi Andy,

Just trying to ascertain a few things. I have a Bug I bought in Ethiopia (US citizen from Philly, working as a Captain for the Airline),

the Chassis serial number from the data plate in the trunk says 118-130162,  TYP II. Am I correct in saying this is a 1967 bug. (The registration form from the car says 1958, just can’t be correct as far as I can see, the front shocks are not the side bolt type, they have the upright tower and grommet setup, door handles are not the ’58 type either.)

The Engine serial number is 2694367. This as far as I can tell is a 1200 cc motor. (I guess swapped from another donor) It has a removable generator stand. I just don’t know how to tell if it is a 36 or 40 hp motor. Mainly as I am needing to order parts for it. Also is the timing curve a 50 or 90 Bosch, guessing its the 90, as I have read the 50 is for 20-30 hp motors.

Thanks for your time.


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Michael Glass Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Rob,

I’m not going to be a lot of help on this one, as my knowledge is based on USA delivered cars. There were many factories around the world that produced the VW’s and each one of them have differences. So, please understand that what I’m about to say is based on what I know, which may or may not apply to your car.

In 1965, VW changed the VIN style. They started to use a nine digit number. With this the third digit of the number is the year. So, on the VIN that you supplied, the third digit is an 8, this would tell me that your car is a 1968.

As for the motor, I can’t help you. Starting in 1965, our USA models have a letter to start the engine number. I can say that if your generator stand is removable from the engine block, it has to be a 40hp or larger motor. In 1968, per your VIN, the USA delivered cars would have had a 1500cc motor. During this same time, the European cars would have had a smaller 1300cc motor.

There is a website,, that has a good amount of information on it.  This might be a new avenue for your search.


I hope some of this helps you,