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Admin Access Staff asked 3 months ago

Hi Andy,

I want to upgrade my stock drum brake system on the rear of my VW Thing. I’ve been looking around for the part #133698601dwe that somebody post a question in this section back on 2017, but it seems that is no longer available. Is there any chance it could be available again soon?

Also, I want to ask if there is any other kit available besides that. Can´t find if it will work on my stock IRS and also if the zero offset vs the 1 inch offset will have big difference in terms of space for the wheel inside the fenders.

Thanks a lot for your prompt answer.

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Michael Glass Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Juan,

Thanks for your question. It seems that we have had a small glitch in the change over to our new web site. The 133698601DWE is the correct kit number for a 1973-1974 Thing. In the change over it seems that some data was lost. As of this post the description has been corrected, thanks for helping us by pointing it out!

I do want to tell you that this kit will have the same offset as the stock thing rear drums. If you are planning to run wider rear wheels, and would like to add some wheel clearance, we do make another kit with the same drum offset as a 1967 and older Beetle (part #133698601DE). This will narrow the rear wheel track approximately 1” per side. This kit will bolt up the same with no adapting necessary!

Lastly, please be aware that you will need to change your factory 14” Thing wheels over to 15” or larger wheels.
NOTE: All of our T-1 style kits will not work with 14” wheels

Thanks, Andy