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froggyaimee asked 4 months ago


I was given a 1972 Super Beetle, but on the way home from across the country, we crashed. Smacked the poor thing into a guardrail and crushed the front fender the worst. It seems that the top of the wheel and tire and strut have been pushed inwards. What would be the best way to determine how much the wheel might be off, and to stretch it back out where it needs to be? What parts should I be checking and/or replacing?

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Michael Glass Staff answered 4 months ago

Hello Aimee,

Sorry about your accident, hopefully the Super Beetle was only one that suffered any damage. I am not a body man so, I can only give you my best idea of where to start. It would be best to get the car to a body shop that has a frame straightening machine. This machine will allow the operator to pull measurements to check where the car is bent and how bad the damage is. With this information, you should get a good idea of what parts will need to be repaired or replaced.

Hope this helps with a place to start,