Barn Find: Andy finds a rare original ’61 Porsche 356B Super 1600 T5

Barn Find: Andy’s ’61 Porsche 356 T-5

It’s definitely a talent, finding those cool old classic cars that sometime along the line were forgotten. Andy has such a talent and the proof can found at So. Cal. Imports in the form of many precious air-cooled VWs and even some vintage American muscle.

One of Andy’s more recent acquisitions is this all original 1961 Porsche 356B Super 1600 T5 75hp coupe complete with a dual set of Zenith carburetors. The 356B sits ready for a full restoration although many who have seen the Porsche say that they would enjoy in the current patina condition. Either way this Porsche is a rare, special car from a time long ago and it would be a just blast to drive!

This 1961 Porsche 356B Super 1600 T5 coupe is currently for sale and comes complete with small box of parts but please be advised this is a rare collector car and the price reflects the market appropriately. That said, if you would like to know more about purchasing the 356B please give Andy a call at the shop: 562-633-4979