Ask AndyCategory: Electrical12 Volt Starter With A 6 Volt Gear?
Admin Access Staff asked 8 months ago

Do I need part 301100? My bus has already been converted to 12 volt and is running a 12 volt starter. I am putting in a different engine with a 6 volt flywheel. So, I purchased the 12 volt starter with a 6 volt gear from your website on Saturday. I just noticed the section indicating I need this part as well.

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Michael Glass Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Jeremy,

On our special 12 volt starter with the 6 volt drive gear it must have a 12 volt size bushing in the bell-housing to support the Bendix gear shaft. If your transmission already has the 12 volt starter bushing you will not need any additional parts and it should be a simple bolt in swap!