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Admin Access Staff asked 8 months ago

Hi. I have got a AC Industries rear conversion kit fitted to my 1968 beetle chassis. however the caliper is a VARGA V-1503 which does not have a handbrake module. The disc used is #113615601D I brought the vehicle from New York and shipped it to England. I’m trying to find some calipers which will fit which have the handbrake module. Can you help?

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Michael Glass Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Tom,

Yes, we sell all of the AC Industries disc brake kits. Unfortunately, there is no cross over of calipers to fit the same mounting brackets. The parts between a non-emergence brake kit and a kit with an emergence brake are completely different with the only common parts are the rotors. That being said, you would be better selling your kit complete and buying a new kit with emergence brakes.

For a 1968 Beetle the kit that will have the same rear rotors that you currently have and an E-brake is part #113698601DWE.

We also offer the same kit, but with narrower rear rotors that will narrow the rear track approximately 1” per side, part #113698601DE.


Hope this all helps,