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av8ors asked 8 months ago

Hi Andy,

We spoke on the phone last week about the cam thrust bearing fit with the Engle W-90 cam I purchased. When I did a test fit of the cam with the bearings to determine end-play, I noticed swirl marks or serrations on the cam thrust surfaces. Just curious if this was done intentionally and, if so, what purpose they serve.



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Michael Glass Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Steve,

I have looked at the cam core in question. The only marks that I see in the thrust area of the camshaft are normal grinding marks. The “swirl” is just from the stone as it passes over the metal. This is nothing out of the ordinary and is a completely normal artifact of the machining process.

As per our phone conversation, what you are experiencing with the need to clearance the trust of the cam bearings is completely normal in today’s assembly of an air cooled motor. I have talked with a local engine builder today and asked him about this, he smiled and said that this is just part of being an engine builder!


Andy Shouse