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Admin Access Staff asked 9 months ago

I have a ’72 Bug and I haven’t been able to find a ’72 taillight housing. Will a ’68 to ’70 taillight housing work? I know these won’t have the side reflector holes but I don’t need the holes.

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Michael Glass Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi James,

The housing for the 1968-1970 are smaller in height than the 1971-1972, which also makes the light bulb holder/reflector and the trim bezel also smaller.

Unfortunately, I am not aware of anyone currently reproducing the 1971-1972 tail light housing.

If you change to the 1968-1970 lights, you will need to buy the complete light assembly and install it on your car. It is possible that the mounting holes between the two housings might also be different. If that is the case, I would recommend using one of the two existing stock holes and drill the other hole that is off, in doing so you would make sure that the lights are mounted level. The wiring will be the same between the lights.

The So. Cal. Imports part numbers for the 1968-1970 lights are as follows:
Drivers side, American style lens:      #111945095R
Passenger side, American style lens: #111945096R

Drivers side, Euro Style lens:     #111945095RE
Passenger side, Euro style lens: #111945096RE


Hope this helps,