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Admin Access Staff asked 8 months ago


I’m converting a stock 1967 VW Beetle Type 1 from 4 wheel drum to four wheel disc. I have stock ball joint spindles and stock 5 x 205 steel wheels. I want to make sure that I am buy the correct kits. The part numbers I have are #498499-4D for the front and #111698601DES for the rear. Could you please confirm that these are correct parts for my application? I also wanted to confirm that no modifications are required? Do I need to run an additional brake line from the master cylinder to the rear, so that there are two independent lines, one for each cylinder? The stock set up has one line running to the rear with a splitter near the driver side rear wheel.


Jason Max

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Michael Glass Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Jason,

Based on the information you have submitted, the #498499-4D is NOT the correct front kit. This is for a 1965 and older car with a link pin style front suspension. The correct front disc kit for your 1967 is a #498540 kit. Please confirm that your spindles are correct for the year of your car, see our blog for more information on spindle identification.

You are correct on the rear brake kit #111698601DES, as long as you still have the short spine axles. The spine length on the stock brake drums is 2”. It would be best to confirm this measurement to make sure your car wasn’t retrofitted with later model parts (it happens).

You will need to upgrade to a four wheel disc brake master cylinder, part #113611020BAD.

As for your brake lines, there are no modifications needed except on the rear metal lines that go between the rear flex hoses and the calipers. You will need purchase two new metal lines that are 25” long, part #113611764B (as noted on the #111698601DES page).

Hope all of this helps.