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Admin Access Staff asked 4 months ago

I have a 1965 VW transporter, Sundial camper. I do NOT have the VW 14″ wide five stock wheels.

I am running VW 15″ wide five stock wheels from a 1963 bus.

Will part #498560 disc brake conversion work with the VW 15″ stock wheels?

Thank you


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Michael Glass Staff answered 4 months ago

Hello Chris,

This 1963 VW Bus wheel is commonly referred to as a “crows foot” wheel. Due to the four cooling slots and where they are located on the wheel center, there is an interference issue with the caliper. We have been asked about modifying the caliper for clearance, but we do not recommend any modifications to the calipers.

We have seen some customers make a small clearance off of the inside of the four cooling slots of the crows foot wheel and fit the wheel successfully. I have also been told of customers adding a 3/8” wheel spacer to give the crows foot wheel adequate caliper clearance.

With all that being said, the official AC Industries stance is that the crows foot wheels do not fit our disc kit. Modifications to any of the involved parts being is the choice and the responsibility of the customer and/or installer.

Thanks for your interest,  Andy