Ask AndyCategory: EngineIs there a specific engine rebuild kit for a 1300?
Admin Access Staff asked 4 months ago

Is there a specific engine rebuild kit for a 1300?

Looking to buy a rebuild kit to rebuild the engine which has 114,000 miles on it.

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Michael Glass Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Robert,

Thanks for reaching out with your question. To my knowledge there is not a rebuild kit currently available for the 1300cc motor.

The 1300cc motor was only offered in the USA market for the Beetle in 1966. This motor has a 69mm stroke crank shaft and a set of 83mm pistons. In my experience with the 1300cc motors that I have come across, the cylinders barrels have had a very thick base. Conveniently, the thick 1300cc cylinder base is the same diameter as the 1600cc cylinder base.

The 83mm piston sets that are currently available are actually big bore 1200cc pistons. The 1200cc pistons have a smaller wrist pin diameter and will not interchange on a 1300cc motor.

The best answer here is buy a set of 85.5mm piston and cylinder to build a 1600cc motor. This is a good practical choice as the parts that you will need are readily available and the 1600cc motor will look the same externally as your 1300cc with the added extra benefit of a potential bump up in horsepower due to the substantially increased displacement. The 85.5mm cylinders should slide into your case and heads.

To be safe you will want to measure your case and cylinders to confirm the fitment. Do your homework before ordering to ensure that your motor build will be a success. If you need any help with your build, please send me the exact measurements, measured with a micrometer, and I’ll be happy to confirm the specs for you.

Thanks, Andy