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Admin Access Staff asked 11 months ago

Will your 113501615JB drums fit inside 13″ wheels?

Or, can you tell me the overall outside diameter of them?

1 Answers
Michael Glass Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Mike,

It would seem like an easy question to answer, but due to how different manufacturers make their wheels, I cannot answer if your 13” wheel will fit our drums. What I can tell you is the main body of the drum is approximately 9.5” (243mm) in diameter, and at the flange that goes over the drum backing plate lip it is 10.25” (260mm) in diameter. Hope this info gets you what you are looking for.

Keep in mind that the part number that you noted, 113501615JB, is a blank drum without any holes drilled for wheel studs. If you choose to order these drums we can drill the lug pattern of your choice.

Thanks, Andy