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Admin Access Staff asked 12 months ago

Do you offer a front drum for king pin with a 4×130 bolt pattern?

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Michael Glass Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Carl,

So. Cal. Imports sells some special adapter wheel bearing to put a 4-lug ball joint front rotor onto a link pin spindle. The bearings for the ball joint rotor and the ball joint drum are the same. The brake shoes and wheel cylinders on a 1965 are the same parts as on the link pin spindles but the backing plates are different. I would need to mock this all up to make sure that the ball joint drum will work on the link pin backing plate. I do have all the parts here to mock it up but I will need a couple of days to get to it.

I do what to let you know that we offer a 4 x 130 disc brake conversion kit that goes right onto the link pin stock drum brake spindle, part #498670. This kit is worth consideration as it is a very economical solution offering you the 4 x 130 lug pattern with disc brake performance!

One last thing that must be taken into account, any time you change from a link pin drum to a ball joint drum or rotor, you will add a positive off set to the wheel track of ¾” per side. The added ¾” track width would be a consideration for anyone working with a tight fender tolerance.

Hope this helps!