Ask AndyThing spindles with 4-lug Ghia rotors and calipers
Admin Access Staff asked 5 months ago

I have ghia spindles with disc brakes on my baja. I want to put my thing spindles on the car with the 4 lug ghia brake parts. Is there a bracket available to achieve this? Thanks

1 Answers
Michael Glass Staff answered 5 months ago

Hello Brent,

Great question! Yes, in our AC Industries brake line we have developed a pair of brackets that will do exactly that. The part number 113407425 will bolt onto the stock drum Thing spindles and allow the installation of Karman Ghia rotors and calipers.

Please understand that the Karman Ghia rotor is a 4 x 130 lug pattern and the Thing is a 5 x 205 pattern. If you are hoping to use a wheel adapter to go from the 4 x 130 back to the 5 x 205 wheel pattern, you will not be able too. The two-piston, opposed Karman Ghia caliper sets out to far and will interfere with the adapter plate. Some installers try to add spacers between the rotor and adapter, this moves the wheel to far out and adds to much load on the small outer wheel bearing. Even if you could make all of that work, the 14” Thing wheel will not go over the 11” rotor diameter!

Lastly, we offer an AC Industries disc brake conversion kit that will bolt right onto the Thing drum spindle using the above brackets (included in the kit) that will be the 5 x 205 bolt pattern. This kit #498550 is the ticket!  Please note that this kit will also not work with the Thing stock 14” wheel.