Customers’ Cars: LuWayne Barber’s ’67 Baja

Over the years we at So. Cal. Imports have had the great pleasure helping some of the most wonderful people with their classic VW needs. Every now and then some of these wonderful people will take time out of their busy day to send us some kind words of encouragement along with pictures of their cars.

Such is the case with LuWayne Barber and his very cool ’67 Baja Bug. LuWayne writes what we really love to hear:

“I don’t imagine that you receive many letters from your customers but I just wanted to send you one to thank you for your help with my VW project. You have always been very helpful in guiding me to the right parts and in giving me information on what works and what doesn’t work.”

After finding the ’67 Baja as a stripped down roller without an engine or interior, LuWayne and his son got busy over the next couple of years performing 100% of the rebuild work themselves.

“I always have people looking at it and giving me the thumbs up when I’m out for a ride. Almost 100% of the parts that we’ve used in this project have come from So. Cal. Imports. The next addition that we want to make is disc brakes on the front to help with the stopping power.”

Thanks LuWayne for taking the time to share your ’67 Baja with us, we’re glad to hear that you’re having a good time with it!