Customers’ Cars: Kent Jung’s ’70 Convertible Beetle   

In the beginning Kent wasn’t looking to own a convertible Bug, but as fate would have it, that’s exactly what happened when he accepted the car as trade to settle an old debt that he was owed. When Kent saw his newly acquired ‘70 convertible Beetle for the first time it was clearly an aged runner in old white paint with decent bones. As the car sat Kent had determined that it certainly was a good enough deal to clear the outstanding debt.

After selling the car on eBay twice to two different buyers, both of whom didn’t pay for the auction after placing the winning bids, Kent decided to change direction and keep the Bug to start the process of restoring the little convertible. Proof once again that some of the best things life has to offer are often unplanned! Perhaps the universe was whispering in Kent’s ear, or not, but either way we think he made a great call!

Once Kent committed to restoring his new convertible acquisition, it was time to get to work. The car was disassembled to start the bodywork to get the Bug prepped for paint. As Kent’s project progressed he dropped by So. Cal. Imports often to get some parts and upgrades for his ’70 vert taking it to the next level.

Some of Kent’s many performance upgrades include:
• A 1835cc engine with dual Webers and electronic ignition
Freeway Flyer Transmission
Front Disc Brakes
• A 2” narrowed beam with adjustable ride height
• Fuchs color matched wheels (5.5” front & deep 6” rear)
Sidewinder exhaust system
European blinkers

The end result is a beautifully executed and unique take on a ’70 Bug convertible in what we’re going to call sea-foam green. Although naming the color can lead to some spirited debate, whatever one decides to label the color, we all do agree that Kent’s Bug looks fantastic! Please enjoy the picture gallery below of Kent’s VW project and perhaps you will find yourself further inspired as we did. Job well done Kent!